How to connect Grandstream UCM with Supervoice

23.06.20 01:58 AM By Irene

New Supervoice Trunk

In order to create your Supervoice Trunk using the TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate you must follow the following steps:

1. First, go to the UCM Web - Interface in the settings PBX Settings → SIP Settings → TCP/TLS and activate the field “TLS Enable”.

2. Navigate to the path Extension / Trunk → VoIP Trunks.

3. Click on the button “+ Add SIP Trunk”.

4. In the field “Type” input the value “Register SIP Trunk”, in the field “Provider Name” input the value Supervoice and choose the value “Supervoice ” in the drop-down menu.

In the field “Host Name” the value “” will be automatically completed.

5. In the fields “Username” and “AuthID” input you account’s id, in the field “Password” input the “Password” that has been sent via SMS, following the example below:

6. Choose the button “Save” and next choose the button “Edit” in the right side of the new Supervoice Trunk.

7. In the tab “Basic Settings” verify that in the field “Transport” the value “TLS” is selected.

8. In the tab “Advanced Settings” choose the setting “Enable Heartbeat Detection”.

Click Save and Apply Changes and navigate to the Dashboard in order to verify you ’re your account is registered.

Receive/Make Calls

In order to receive and make calls you must make the appropriate inbound and outbound rules.

Receive calls
Navigate to the address Extension / Trunk → Inbound Routes and choose the value “SIP Trunks -- Supervoice” in the Trunks field.
Click Add.
Please insert in the Pattern field the underscore symbol followed by the CID in E164 format.
E.g.: _302107107000.

Make calls
In order to call Greek numbers, you must navigate in the menu: Extension / Trunk → Outbound Routes → +Add
Set a name for your outbound rule, for example “Out_supervoice” and input the following:
Pattern: _2X.
Trunk: SIP Trunks – Supervoice
Prepend: 30

So that all the Greek numbers are sent in E164 format.

For international calls you must create a second rule. Set the name for the outbound rule, for example “International” and choose the following:
Pattern: _00X.
So that the UCM will be able to make outbound calls to national phone numbers
Trunk: SIP Trunks – Supervoice

Strip: 2
So that the international phone numbers will be sent in E164 format.
Verify that the field Privilege Level is equal or less than your extension’s Privilege Level.

9. In the end, click the “Save” and the “Apply Changes” buttons.